Our Vision

Following the Way of Jesus through Loving People, Communities, and Crafts to Life.


Welcome to the Neighborhood Church. We’re glad you’ve decided to explore our community further. We encourage you to visit us during Sunday morning worship. There you will discover that we’re a relaxed and informal community with a big vision. At the Neighborhood Church, we attempt to Follow the Way of Jesus.

In our modern day, Christianity has been co-opted by political agendas, gutted by suburban consumerism, calcified by dutiful religious activity, and marketed as a commodity. In the midst of all this clutter and confusion, we seek to follow the way of Jesus and his teachings. If you are looking for God in a chaotic world, you will fit in well with our community.

Grace and Peace,

BA Signature.png

Brandon Addison
Lead Pastor, The Neighborhood Church

Loving People
We are a spiritual family whose love aims to be as broad as the embrace of Jesus. We are for the flourishing of grownups and children, educators and athletes, engineers and artists, healers and addicts, conservatives and liberals, Americans and Internationals, affluent and poor, single and married, lonely and connected, depressed and happy, restless and relaxed, curious agnostics and committed believers and anyone in between these labels.

Loving Communities
We are a spiritual family who practices hospitality with the welcoming arms of Jesus. We strive to enrich our neighborhoods, apartment complexes, townships, country clubs, trailer parks, and homeowners' associations. We are a people who don’t passively or anonymously exist in a certain area of the community, but rather invest in the neighborhood in which we dwell. 

Loving Crafts
We are a spiritual family who celebrates the sacredness of our crafts. Colorado is a craft culture. At the Neighborhood Church, we define “crafts” as what we forge with our hands professionally and personally. We believe our work and hobbies serve redemptive purposes for the sake of greater Denver.