Neighborhood Partners

Here is a list of organizations we support both locally and globally in their efforts to restore a broken world back to life. We believe that God is up to something special on earth, and we want to be a part of that something. Specifically, we think that each of our friends here is doing amazing things in loving their community well, and we can’t help but get on board. With each organization listed comes a brief description of their work and a link to their website if you want to learn more.


Gracefull Community Cafe


to create a healthier, stronger, more connected community


to provide a home in the Littleton community where people of all backgrounds can gather, eat well, and be inspired to give back

Our Core Values.  We will…

  • Invite, welcome, and love all people

  • Show you the beauty in simplicity

  • Focus on food that is friendly to your own kitchen

  • Use what we have and limit the excess

  • Give back often and with joy

Feeding Many Inc.


Eliminate the pain of hunger with families in need through nurturing, education, community gardening, and planting orchards. Provide participants with the knowledge and means to control their own food security.


Nurture, educate, and support those in need through community action, gardening, and volunteerism. To bring to those who seek our services a sense of hope and peace utilizing tools and services available to secure the most basic of needs, food security. Working hand in hand with communities across the globe to eliminate hunger.


Where Grace Abounds


Our Purpose

100% Grace. 100% Truth. No Compromise.

Where Grace Abounds exists to guide and support men and women who seek to understand sexuality and relationship, and to inspire all people to know and personally appropriate God’s plan for their sexuality and relationships.

Children of Hope


Our Mission

Offering a Home, Family, and Hope to Orphaned Children in Kenya.

Working together with God, we establish children’s homes with a nurturing family environment and provide resources to meet the diverse developmental needs of orphaned children.

The all encompassing care they receive in our homes enables growth in every area of their lives and equips them for their future independence.